Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Past Poems from 2014

Here are a few of my poems that I have written in the past.  Hope you enjoy.

“The lure of the wolf”

Under the light of the moon
you call out to me softly
Your voice penetrates my mind
luring me with your lullaby.

Foolishly I follow the sound
of your song into the dark
Like a lovelorn sailor at sea
I’m caught up in the beat.

With hungry eyes you stare
into mine and I fall prey.
I now see the beast within
as the wolf inside you wins.

- written 4/6/2014

"I wished I learned Español"

I wished I learned Español
when I was still in my youth
so it would be in my soul.
I wished I learned Español
so no one could suppose
my Latin claim was a fluke.
I wished l learned Español
when I was still in my youth.

- written 5/3/2014

"Latin Queen"

She is who I wanted to be -
the pretty Latin queen
but my Spanish
was lost in translation
for my mother adopted English
I do not blame her –
I tried to learn in school
but it never took root
perhaps I gave up too soon
I never thought I look Latin
my hair more like African
American – but I suppose
they saw me as an outsider too.
in my youth
I straddled two spheres –
it appears it suited me well
I wish I could have converse
with my grandfather in that
native tongue – but he
would not had none of it.
I guess I’ll never be a full
Latin queen – I will just
have to settle for being me.

- written 5/3/2014

"In the morning"

I sit on the side of your king size bed
where the bright rays of the sun flickers in
you sleep so silently in the warm light
as I ponder this unplanned rendezvous

When I entered this once darken chamber
the thoughts never once came into my mind
on what will come when the sun rose again –
all of my questions went away - adieu

But now it rushes back into my head
as to why  I laid down with this stranger
who now slumbers as if he is alone–
I suppose this, to him, is nothing new.

So I leave with departing words unsaid
before my spotless rep is endangered.

 - written 5/21/2014 for Writer’s Digest Poetic Aside Bref Double challenge

“Blame Beauty”

I blame beauty
for my demise
as I tried to
reach its lofty goals

I so wanted
to claim that prize
I threw caution
away like a fool

And now I lay
in this state of
beauty that will
all decay in time

- written 7/9/14


we are bonded by our blood
two siblings against the world
I now find myself watching
your light slowly drift away

I try to recall our youth
of us playing in green grass
or jumping on your high bed
despite our mother’s stern look

though I was ashamed of you
for not being “normal:
in time I learn to love you
as you are, imperfectly

and now I watch you succumb
in this deformed body that
followed you into this life
slowly draining your bright light

but life is not always fair
it was you who taught me that
so I cherish the brief times
for I know they are numbered

in my mind I buried you
over a thousand times yet
you still linger here like a
leaf to a tree in autumn

- finalized 10/5/2014

 “Love Song”

I dream of you
in red, green and blue
tumbling in fields
of flowers in lavender hues
or perhaps fuscia pink
but it doesn’t matter to me
for as long as I am in your arms
I know nothing is wrong
so please don’t let me go
until the sun goes down
and the moonlight
catches our eyes

remind me of that feeling
of being hapless in love
a feeling so fleeting
yet stronger than steel
and I will open up
my chamber doors leading
to my inner soul and
I will thank you
over a thousand times

so let us not hold back
and run towards the horizon
for when you kiss me
you make the sun go down
and I will look into your eyes
and make it rise again

- written 9/20/2014

"We walked among the stars"

once we were young and in love
together we walked among the stars
enchanted by the moonlight
but then one day she came
with the sun in her hair
and she seduced you out of my arms
I watch you chase after her
into horizons that you were never
meant to reach
while I stayed behind alone.

- written 12/20/2014

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