Thursday, September 29, 2016

a love story

"White Rose" by PixelAnarchy
Courtesy of

one man stole my heart away
two weeks it took me to say hello
three dates until we had our first kiss
four dinners spent meeting family
five honeymoon nights in Hawaii
six years we spent in wedded bliss
seven operations had us on edge
eight long minutes I waited by the door
nine months it’s been since I lost you
ten thousand years won’t heal this pain

Monday, September 26, 2016

hiding in shadows

we hide in dark shadows
whispering forbidden wishes
to never be heard outside
our presence, but things
that are done in the dark
have a way of being revealed
in the light and secret rendezvous
and kisses shatter those glasshouses
we build around ourselves

 "Apple shadow fruit" by Alexis
Courtesy of

Thursday, September 22, 2016

as the band started to play

the band started to play
the song we danced to the night
I fell madly in love with you

and it broke my heart in two
thinking of what we used to do
but no longer since you went away

the melodies smashed every inch
of the smile I was wearing before
the musical notes floated into the air

it took everything inside of me
to keep the tears from falling
exposing my still vulnerable heart

"Band Onstage" by David Wagner
Courtesy of

Monday, September 19, 2016

Moving Day

It had just turned summer when I moved into my first apartment.  My dad and I carried packed boxes up two flights of stairs, because I wanted a second floor apartment with a balcony. (My dad was thankful I had the new sofa delivered by the furniture store).  Mom came later with my brother to help unpack the few dishes and items I had to fill my studio apartment.  I’m not certain my brother truly understood what was going on – it was just a new place for him to explore with his eyes.  When night fall came, I hugged my parents before they departed, leaving me all alone.  At that moment I felt like a bird spreading its wing to leave the nest for the first time.  I climbed into my bed when the realization truly hit me – I was now on my own.

under the June sun
little bird departs the nest
trying out her wings

Thursday, September 15, 2016


you stand there
as they stare
at your face,
your flesh and bones
as you squirm
under their hot gaze
they look over
your credentials
as you try to find
the right words to say
that will make them
want to take you on board
and say the magic words
“you are hired”

Monday, September 12, 2016

open advice

please my dear take these words to heart
for I have learned in life that it is better
to keep an open mind and heart
instead of a heart stuck in place
for you may miss the rainbow
by staying focus on the clouds

- Written for dVerse Opening to the Muse-Quadrille #16 where we are asked to write an "open" poem, either as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb or any other way you might think of.  I rewrote this poem several times before I could get the words right (at least in my mind).  

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I wish

I wish I could spend days
building sand castles by the sea
strolling down the streets of London
eating baguettes on Paris sidewalks

I wish I could spend days
writing, absorb in magical words
not worrying about the next paycheck
and living a comfortable life

I wish I could spend days
swimming in those daydreams
that blend into night tales
perhaps it’s not too late

Monday, September 5, 2016

a kiss under the night sky

We were both young and inexperienced tweens.  Yet chemistry and hormones drew us together over a summer weekend.  The last night we lounged under the night sky, sharing a first kiss.  It was the first time I ever kissed a boy, though I believe it wasn’t your first time kissing a girl.  I can still remember your lips upon mine – warm, soft, wet.  My naivety slowly melted under the July moon with you.  I wish we could have stayed in that moment – frozen in time - oblivious to all that will come in the future.

the night stars twinkles
as they dance around the moon
to sensual beats

Friday, September 2, 2016

love in seasons

"The Four Seasons" by George Hodan
Courtesy of

"love in seasons"

in spring
flowers blossomed
the first time you kissed me
under the summer sun
I fell in love
with you
brought shorter days
so I cherished that time
for you left in winter
turning my heart
ice cold

- I decided to a little bit of experimentation.  I wrote this as a Cyclus poem, which is a shape poem.  You can find more information about this poetry form here.