Monday, November 28, 2016

you remind me

every time I see you
I feel a flutter in my chest
but I don’t think it is love
no, it’s something else
you remind me of those years
when things were simpler
I didn’t carry the worries
that burden me now
and I see in those eyes
those long lost years
but my mind knows
I can’t return to that time
for the trees have already
shed their leaves and
ice and snow has placed
those days in eternal sleep

Thursday, November 24, 2016

stargazing alone

McArthur Causeway, Miami Beach, FL 
Photo by Wes Aspinall
Courtesy of

we had talked about stargazing
under a warm Florida sky
but that dream never came to be
so now I stargaze all alone

under a warm Florida sky
holding hands under the stars
as we fall deeper in love

but that dream never came to be
for you drifted out to sea
leaving me alone on the shore

so now I stargaze all alone
wising I had some company
maybe solitude is my lot in life

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Parisian Night

The Eiffel Tower in Paris
 taken on 6/28/15 by Arcadia Maria

we lounged on the grass
watching the Eiffel Tower
light up the night sky
it is a sight to behold
at least once in your life
with your hand in mine
I wish I could freeze time
and stay in this moment
for eternity

- Written for dVerse Poetics: Night-time Panorama.  This poem was inspired by a photo I took of the Eiffel Tower during my trip to Paris in June 2015.  

Monday, November 21, 2016

holding my breath

I find myself holding
my breath more often
for it seems there is always
a storm cloud on the horizon
I know I should just 
breathe and relax
let things fall into place
but as the years pass
I have only become
more anxious

Photo by Annie Spratt
Courtesy of

Thursday, November 17, 2016

I never wanted to say goodbye

I never wanted to say goodbye
the words too hard to say out loud
breaking my heart into a million pieces
but it’s the only thing left to say

the words too hard to say out loud
they push against my closed lips
pressing for their eventual release

breaking my heart into a million pieces
your eyes shattering my spirit like glass
no one really is bad guy here

but it’s the only thing left to say
the words written clearly on the wall
so I let them escape my throat

Photo by Andres Nieto Porras
Courtesy of

Monday, November 14, 2016

December Birthday

Having a birthday in December and hoping for good weather is always a toss-up – it’s either unseasonably warm or bitterly cold.  I took the day off for my milestone thirty-fifth birthday, with hopes to enjoy a few outings under a sunny sky.  Instead, I sat home watching thick snowflakes stick to everything that stood still.  The roadway and sidewalks became ice patches waiting to trick some poor soul’s feet.  I listened to school closing and traffic delays while sipping oranges inside my apartment cocoon, which now felt like a darken cave.  This is not how a person should spend a birthday – all alone.  Surely God knew how much I despised snow – was I being punished?

winter’s arrival
causes the skies to shed tears
as large white snowflakes

Thursday, November 10, 2016

across the night sky

Photo by Ryan Hutton
Courtesy of

across the night sky
its just you and I
dancing with the twinkling stars
falling deep in love
you become part of
the potion that heals my scars

the light in your eyes
gives me butterflies
the full moon is now our muse
with this love poem
my heart unbroken
no longer singing the blues

Monday, November 7, 2016

missed cues

she always tried to cue her husband
to take out the trash or help with
the dishes but he seemed oblivious
to her hints, leaving her frustrated
and ready to pull out her hair
until one day she wasn’t there
and he finally understood

- Written for dVerse Quadrille #20 wherein we had to write a poem containing the word "cue", which has several definitions.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

four white walls watching

we watched her every morning
she would go out for many hours
until evening when she came back
returning to dreams at midnight

she would go out for many hours
yet her sadness stayed behind
it permeated the very air we breathed

until evening when she came back 
and we saw in her eyes diminishing
light and a growing darkness

returning to dreams at midnight
we saw her swallowed every pill
and cross over the eternal bridge

- This poem as inspired in part by dVerse's Halibun #24: Bridges and Poetics:If Walls Could Talk prompts from earlier this week.