Friday, December 4, 2015

Poem for the day:

“stuck on you”

they all say I need to move on
but how can I do that
when you broke my heart in two

my friends say I need to snap out
of my blues and just let loose
but that’s not what I want to do

I rather snuggle under thick covers
drowning myself in H”ďagen-Dazs
until my belly is too full

then my thighs will get fatter
and I can sit on the sofa watching
mindless TV until I grow gray hair

mom says there are other fish in the sea
but I just cannot get past
the memories of your haunting face

my friends dragged me out last night
bar hopping and sipping cocktails
but I was no fun to be around

I just sat on a stool under flashing lights
watching others dance wild and free –
but not me, I’m still stuck on you

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