Monday, January 18, 2016

Two poems for today:

“déjà vu again”

he had said those big words I love you
in my heart I knew it was true
after a while I said them back
and our future lives were in clear view

then betrayal turned it all to black
my heart was broken, my soul sacked
darkness tightly wrapped my heart in ice
eventually my face showed its cracks

but time heals all wounds, but with a price
and now a brand new one has enticed
me to believe in those words again
but my mind hesitates and thinks twice

“a fleeting moment”

we exchanged flirtatious lines
and we both knew the clear signs
on where this all would lead to
perhaps it was fate’s design

and at that time I saw you
in a whole different light
hidden feelings were renewed
thought this might be a breakthrough

yet after that fleeting night
you drifted out of my light
we returned to old routines
back to my place, out of sight

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