Monday, March 7, 2016

Poem for the day:

"one kiss"

just one kiss
was all it
took for us

to jump off
jagged cliffs
not thinking

our actions
will affect
all our lives

but that kiss
made us lose
all reason

and blindly
we fell down
rabbit holes

with regrets
I now try
to piece parts

back in place
and return
to old days

when the world
still made sense
but I should

have thought it
through before
I kissed you


  1. That must have been some kiss, very memorable indeed ~ And sometimes that youthful heart can be very daring as jumping off the cliffs ~ Thanks for joining us ~

  2. Sometimes that ONE kiss can make all the difference in the world!

  3. There is usually that step, that wee nudge... that lands us into the place where control is ripped out of our hands. That instance we always think about, when we wish we could change what already is.

  4. Oh, surely not. This kiss carries such mixed emotions.

  5. I can relate! We don't always think things through, do we?!

  6. I see that my earlier comment didn't show, so here it is again:

    That sure was a kiss but I think when one is young, we don't really think of consequences eager that we are to just jump off the cliffs ~ Enjoyed this one ~