Tuesday, October 25, 2016

first memory

my first memory of you –
a young, na├»ve teen, like me –
yet I can still envision
your sparkling brown eyes
in the warm afternoon light
and after all these years
no one so far has captured
my attention and stopped
me in my tracks 

- Written for dVerse Poetics: first things first in which we are tasked to write a poem about a first that means a lot to us or one that we look forward to.  I went a step further by writing this as a Quadrille (a 44 word poem) with the word "spark" in it, coinciding with dVerse Quadrille #19 prompt posted earlier this week.  


  1. A wonderful memory of first love :)

  2. Yes, first love is perhaps our most cherished "first", which makes me smile.
    you really captured the sweetness and the longing.

  3. Our first love occupies a space in our hearts - cherished forever.

  4. That moment in time will stay with us, even if the other is long gone from our lives.

  5. First love is so strong and enduring. A good memory in your poem.

  6. First and forever... wonderful.. "still crazy after all those years" (to use a title from my concert yesterday)

  7. Ahhhh, first love. It's nice when the memory remains a happy one. Well done.

  8. For me first love was a trickster, mantled in teen angst & lust. Love, it turned out, has to be reciprocal & earned. Nice Q44 though; smile.

  9. Beautiful visual you have painted here of a first love.