Tuesday, January 4, 2022

first snow day

it is the first snow day of the year and
I have to leave my warm apartment
I brush off inches of snow off the car
after hours of falling snowflakes
the coldness seeps through my boots
and into my frigid feet and toes
I try to clear the car in a hurry
before my fingers begin to tingle
I slowly pull out of my parking space
with a prayer all the way to my destination


  1. I remember doing the same... Now though I don't have to go out unless I want to. Though we attempt to keep the driveway clean... after the plow comes through we have another sluggish mess to clear away. Our first snow is due tomorrow.

    Stay safe! Happy New Year! ~Jules (from WP/Twigs)

    1. Thanks Jules. Shoveling is my least fave chore and reason why I dislike winter.

  2. Less snow than usual here this year -- so far -- but far more frigid temps. With wind chill, it was 18 below zero (F) a couple mornings ago, so I'm glad I had nowhere I needed to be but at my cozy keyboard. Nice work, Maria. Thanks.

  3. I can identify with those last two lines. Lots of prayer when driving through terrible snowy weather