Thursday, May 19, 2016

“poems on a napkin”

I scribble
poetic words
that pop in my head
they flow so seamlessly
creating a masterpiece
at least to me – but who knows what
others may say when they read these lines
maybe it’s only a jumble of words

- This poem was inspired by two prompts.  First, Writer's Digest Poetic Aside Prompt 350: a napkin poem. You can check out the blog here.  Second, for dVerse Getting in Shape for Summer prompt - Etheree poem.


  1. Sometimes I jot them on crumpled papers, smiles ~ Those jumble of words may be the start of something big ~


  2. Often the words we pour out of our hearts at first seem like a jumble of words but in reality are fragments of a masterpiece. Nicely done :D

  3. You wrote this piece with a light touch-- very readable, and captures that delicious, giddy feeling you get in the first throes of inspiration. Thanks for making me smile :)

  4. I think the way words pour out is a perfect treat to read. Well done.

  5. I've considered taking a notebook and pencil (not pen obviously) when out gardening. This poem a good reminder to do just that!

  6. We all start with a jumble of words. You hold the napkin up to wipe a blot of mustard and touching the words to your lips to give them a voice... YOUR voice and there within lives the beauty of your poem. Write when you can on whatever you can!

  7. Words can sometimes have minds of their own, can't they? ...popping in and out,interrupting our thoughts and blessing our poetry.

  8. So I'm not the only one . . . ! Nicely done

  9. Really well done. Napkins to have extra uses.
    Anna :o]

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  11. Aha, perhaps they are all really only a jumble of words! Or an arrangement of the same 26 letters. :)