Monday, May 2, 2016

Poem for this evening:

“the appointment”

she wanted to skip the appointment
pretend all was well even if it wasn’t so
but she knew it was too important
and had heard enough cautionary tales
with a deep breath to calm her nerves
she entered the doctor’s office with a sigh


  1. Hubby and I just did this over the weekend - better to have the check up, than not ~ Oh well, hope the results are good afterwards ~ Not skipping it is good ~

  2. Whew. I have been there. If this is autobiographical, I am praying for good results. The tension in this piece is well done.

  3. I just did this last week too. It never occurs to me to skip it. The uncertainty is worse than knowing.

  4. oh my.....this hits home as we we see we see others surprised by diagnoses and wonder why.
    Skipping can prolong the agony and indeed, exacberate the diagnosis. Skipping rocks can be fun -- skipping health concerns and doctor appointments is a gamble folks should not take.

  5. oh dear, i do understand this feeling. it's incredibly tempting to skip things we should go to and pretend everything's just fine. you put it into words so well.

  6. Mos def was there in this poem a few years ago. The dread in this is palpable. I hope if this is from life, that all turns out well.

  7. such truth in this

  8. So much anxiety in that appointment. Truly a case not to skip the appointment.

  9. A serious take on the prompt...yes, certain appointments should not be skipped.

  10. SMiLes.. i skipped the
    Doctor for 23 years..
    and made up for
    it in
    and now i never miss
    the doctor
    ever noW..
    and i do have
    a 4 pm appt.. for real..
    thanks for the reminder..
    poetry is over for now..;)

  11. I like this succinct slice of life, and the vistas that open up in that last line.