Monday, February 13, 2017


I thought I had buried
my past deep in a grave
but sometimes at night
those ghosts appear
outside my window looking
in with ghastly faces
every time I try to break
free towards the light
my past pulls me back
into the dark

Photo by Tertia Van Rensburg
Courtesy of

- Written for dVerse Quadrille #26 in which we are asked to write a 44 word poem that includes the word "ghost".  


  1. break free towards the light...yes, that's exactly what one needs to do!

  2. Ghosts that haunt us from the loss of loved ones, or sour relationships, or kids with cancer that didn't get healed, yes, but when they come to the windows at night like aliens from their UFO's, it is hard to unsee them; as they are imprinted on the inside of your eye lids.

  3. I recognize this feeling, the ghosts of the past is what keeps me awake.

  4. It's best not to try to break free but do what you're doing, embrace the ghosts in poetry.

  5. Ghosts are maybe just another form of misunderstanding. What they want, we don't understand.

  6. I can see how the past is like a ghost if it stays around in the memory. The corresponding metaphor for the future might be dreams. Past and future: ghosts and dreams.

  7. If we could only learn from the past and move on

  8. Our memories do tend to haunt us like ghosts.. love this take on the prompt!

  9. familiar theme...ghosts tend to move on when they got what they needed for me.

  10. In depth you describe a burdensome situation....and past works into presence through the dimensions ... ..The ghosts are the reminder of gone possibilities and dreams are the trailblazer of the future.... (picking up Frank Hubenys commenting words. I would subscribe them.)

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