Thursday, March 23, 2017


what is this feeling
this nagging inside me?
I don’t want to be a whore
but being a good girl
all the time gets lonely
so I chat and flirt a lot
collecting conversations
like flowers in a garden
sometimes my arms
gets overloaded and
they fall by the wayside
but that’s how things are
everything is transient
even lust and love
we all know the path
to love  is a battlefield
littered with severed limbs
bleeding hearts and
unraveled intestines
that can’t go back in
I have felt its sting
and have been the cause
of such gruesome injuries
I ask where did I go wrong
and why the ones you really
like never come back
yet my hearts want to believe
the One is just around the corner
but I have been to too many
corners and left disappointed


  1. Love is a battlefield and maybe the One may or may not be around ~ I say enjoy life just being yourself ~

  2. I liked the part about the unraveled intestines. I haven't heard it ever expressed like that before. So you haven't got everything wrong. The part about collecting too many conversations that they fall by the wayside was pretty good also.

  3. Love will grow when least expected.... but searching for it is miserable... maybe cease to search and have fun is a good advice.

  4. Love is not consolation it is light ... In time we learn to unravel its truth.

  5. I remember those days of searching and always not finding...our finding the wrong one...ironically, sometimes the One finds you with no searching whatsoever!

  6. I totally relate to the collecting of conversations to keep the loneliness at bay, being lonely isn't nice just tolerable it seems. I never believed I could find the real one after all the fakes but the real one, one day he found me, through my resistance and mission to stay untouched he persisted and that's when you know that's the one that will last, I so loved your poetry , its a woman's heart speaking with truth love and hope, always hold on to that hope ok.

  7. Interesting despair on lost loves and continued searches.

    BTW: I think there is a typo here:
    "all the time gets lonelyp"

  8. Such disenchantment and despair! Perhaps cease the search and enjoy the journey is the key!

  9. we all know the path
    to love is a battlefield