Thursday, March 9, 2017

glass walls

he was drawn to me
like a moth to a flame
pressing against walls 
that I built long ago
now threatening to
come tumbling down 

he spoke poetic words
in a seductive voice
about my caramel skin
warm as a Carolina sun
lips sweet like mangos
from the Caribbean 

and my core wanted it –
to touch his inner flame
and feel alive again 
but my hesitant heart
still held onto memories
of broken promises 

my mind questioned
whether this was all real
or was it all a dream
that won’t last the night
and will diminish
into dust at sunrise 

I pressed against the glass
wanting to shatter it
into a million pieces 
yet I still wanted its
protection it had given
me all these years


  1. I like the honesty in this, which is truly telling at both ends of the emotional spectrum!

  2. Poignantly describes the inability to allow oneself to be vulnerable again after being devastated by love. Good read.

  3. Oh yes, I can relate to your hesitancy and honestly I've come to pay attention to that hesitancy in myself. Those intuitive messages are there for a reason! Love this, Arcadia.

  4. Such a momentous decision- to accept it or not ~ I say trust your inner voice, your heart ~

  5. How fragile we are that glass is our greatest protection against heartbreak!

  6. That relentless, endless tug of war, once you have been hurt and are no longer so trusting... beautifully described!

  7. Love this as I feel there is a beautiful longing to it and a tangible sense of one contemplating their life choices❤️

  8. I liked the idea of wanting the other's flame. He came to you like a moth seeking a flame and you wanted his inner flame as well. Then there is that glass which has to be overcome in some way.

  9. I love the sense in that last stanza... a fear and a longing combining.

  10. Hard to leave that room and venture outward.

  11. I love the rawness in this. Love is no easy task, especially when the heart holds scars, or when we fear rejection and question our worthiness. I do hope she embraces that vulnerability and leaps....