Sunday, November 8, 2015

I recently posted another mini poetry collection entitled "Paris and London" by ArcadiaM on Wattpad.  If you are a Wattpad user, you can check out the entire collection on the Wattpad website.

Here are three poems that are part of that collection:

“What I found in Paris”

I found no handsome vampire
nor werewolves lurking in sewers
but under the Eiffel Tower
I found you and your flirty eyes
inviting me to stay awhile

“Two lovers”

I saw figures along the Seine
two lovers in a tight embrace
so lost in each other’s kisses
unaware of invading eyes
passing them by on a cruise boat

“The good smelling stranger”

climbing up the steps of the Tube
my mind was lost in thoughts and dreams
when your scent invaded my nose
I turned and looked back to find you
but you vanished into the crowd

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