Wednesday, June 29, 2016

"dead roses"

dead roses
littered dance floors
where they once lived free
from judgmental eyes
until one night
hate came inside
shattering dreams
never to see
light of day
we mourn lost stars
stolen from skies
yet life goes on –
it always does but
stained memories remain

- Written for dVerse Quadrille #12 where we had to write a 44 word poem including the word "rose".  Seventeen days ago the shooting at the Orlando nightclub Pulse happened.  I wrote a poem a few days later expressing the feeling of not being able to find the words after another horrific attack.  Yet somehow while sitting in the emergency room with a family member yesterday these words came to me so easily.  It's funny how sometimes a poem can come to you in the most strangest ways.


  1. Gayle Walters RoseJune 30, 2016 at 12:37 AM

    Hi Maria...your link doesn't connect to your poem but I saw it shown on your sidebar so made it here. Your words are even more poignant for me as I was born and raised in Orlando and it feels even more terrifying to my family and I. It's just so senseless...

  2. It does touch you a lot but yes we go on and now there are yet another list of innocence... It seems like humanity can only go forth with a weapon in hand (and there the abyss awaits)

  3. This is an incredibly powerful way of expressing the horror we feel at what happened in Orlando. Bravo.

  4. We mourn the lost stars too. A lovely tribute to the victims of hate.

  5. I am haunted - and deeply touched - by this:
    "we mourn lost stars
    stolen from skies"