Tuesday, June 7, 2016

“new morning routines”

I was never a morning person.  I would rather snuggle under blankets and steal a few more minutes of sleep.   The annoying alarm beeping, telling me it’s time to get up – the day lays ahead and there are things to do.  Yet in time I have been able to muster up enough energy to exercise when the sun is low and the air is cool.   A year ago this would have seem like a futile goal, yet here I exercising in the early light.  When all is done I get ready for work – shower, dress, eat breakfast, even read a poem or two.   Then I turn my attention to my smartphone and looked for messages from you.  Six months ago my phone would have been dead silent, but not since you came into my life like a fresh breeze.  Now every morning I look forward to the rising sun and your “good mornings”.

as the sun rises
living creatures come to life
new journeys begin


  1. Wonderful! Someone has come into your life and now...you look forward to that waking up! I am happy for you.

  2. Wonderful that you have someone in your life who helps you enjoy the start of a new day. Your haibun is full of happiness with the turns in life. And I love the haiku! Nice to see you this morning over my cuppa joe -- love meeting with folks at the dVerse bar! :)

  3. Maybe this morning exercise and the new person in your life is part of the same change... love it, and yes we need our mornings... (I am actually more a morning person, than a night owl)...

  4. And a good morning to you, smiles ~ Hope your day is a wonderful one ~ Good thing to get started with a little exercise and reading poems ~

  5. This makes me happy--I too look forward to the friendships we share on line. Not to mention the wondrous poetry.