Thursday, June 9, 2016

“where do broken hearts go?”

where do broken hearts go to die?
to the sky

who collects fallen tears in jars?
twinkling stars

who will rescue me from the night
the dawn’s light

now I know things will be alright
all my lost dreams made whole once more
and my heart won’t cry anymore
to the sky, twinkling stars – the dawn’s light

- Written for dVerse Open Link Night #174.  The poem is written as an ovillejo poem, which is a Spanish form of poetry. popularized by Spanish Poet Miguel de Cervantes.  You can read more about this form at Writer's Digest Poetic Aside blog here.  This is my first ever attempt at writing an ovillejo open.  Hopefully I didn't mess it up to much.  Thanks for reading.


  1. Yes, we also did this with De as our host ~ Indeed to the sky with twinkling stars ~ Good work on trying this form ~

  2. I am not familiar with the form, but I did enjoy the poem. I too wonder where broken hearts go?

  3. This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the form, I will write one soon!

  4. Yes this is most excellent. I like the thought of broken hearts becoming stars..

  5. Nicely done Arcadia. Will give it a try later!


  6. And all that exist in the Heavens will rescue us. And a new day will dawn...
    Anna :o]

  7. Very cool form. Will study more. I like the questions and, above all, the answers.

  8. The answers to the questions are marvelous. We did this form awhile back but I think you did a lovely job on this. I do so like the answers to the questions.

  9. Not familiar with the form. Will have to look it love the idea of collecting tears in a jar and then perhaps, tossing them into the winds and watching them float up to join the stars. Lovely how you got me connecting with this one!

  10. Thank you Petru, Toni and Lillian