Thursday, September 22, 2016

as the band started to play

the band started to play
the song we danced to the night
I fell madly in love with you

and it broke my heart in two
thinking of what we used to do
but no longer since you went away

the melodies smashed every inch
of the smile I was wearing before
the musical notes floated into the air

it took everything inside of me
to keep the tears from falling
exposing my still vulnerable heart

"Band Onstage" by David Wagner
Courtesy of


  1. Your words bring the music and emotion together in a soulful poem to loss of love.

  2. Music elicits the deepest memories and emotions. Poignant and sad.

  3. How such a memory cab become a pain... Oh wonders, oh sadness

  4. Aww..I can feel the heart sinking with every note.

  5. Music and sorrow are such a powerful combination.

  6. Lost love... oh the pain. It's like a little death.