Monday, September 5, 2016

a kiss under the night sky

We were both young and inexperienced tweens.  Yet chemistry and hormones drew us together over a summer weekend.  The last night we lounged under the night sky, sharing a first kiss.  It was the first time I ever kissed a boy, though I believe it wasn’t your first time kissing a girl.  I can still remember your lips upon mine – warm, soft, wet.  My naivety slowly melted under the July moon with you.  I wish we could have stayed in that moment – frozen in time - oblivious to all that will come in the future.

the night stars twinkles
as they dance around the moon
to sensual beats


  1. Yes there are some moments when we wish time stands still..forever.

  2. Yes indeed. There are moments we wish we could freeze and hold on to. Such a sweet haibun, such a lovely haiku.

  3. A first kiss under the stars. I remember mine...but I was a little older. And a funny thing I just remembered. We had heard thunder. At the moments our lips met, a sudden blinding light hit us, and we froze, thinking we had been struck by lightning. But it was my mom turning on the porch light and telling me to come inside. LOL.

    1. That is too funny. If that happened to me, it would have taken me 5 years to kiss again. LOL.

  4. SMiLes.. thanks for this..
    as i haven't thOught about
    my first kiss for perHaps a decade
    or more.. and nah.. no first time
    for the Alabama Girl
    visiting a little
    South in
    for Virgin
    boys who
    only dreamed of Girls..

    But only a kiss..
    But only a kiss
    and so much more FeeLinG..:)

    Starry Starry
    niGht.. as above
    so beLow..;)

  5. I think every human being remember their first kiss... yours had such a glorious setting that makes it even more memorable...

  6. a sweet, rare and forever moment witnessed by the stars...

  7. Awwee... love those sensual beats under the moonlit night. <3

  8. Oh that first kiss and the feelings it brings...seems we always remember the person and the place. Mine was on the couch in my parents' house - stolen quickly while mom and dad were in the kitchen talking. How much more romantic yours was! ��
    Late to the posting and reading for haibun Monday - but enjoying so much!

    1. Thanks. I don't remember it being so romantic (maybe cuz I was young). Certainly sounds romantic in this poem.

  9. I love the innocence in this, that special, remembered first kiss. Yes, those are moments we wish we could hold onto.

  10. First kiss lasting memories, and impressions made all under impressive sky. Very nice.

  11. A sweet, starry-eyed moment for sure!