Thursday, May 4, 2017

returning home

I went so far off chasing the clouds
that never stood still
and now I return to the place I once
desired to burn down
but it will be here that I reconnect
to the person I was before
I went after unattainable rainbows

Thatched cottage. Photo by Kaz
Courtesy of


  1. Life has its circles..seeking and returning...reconnection...I am glad you linked up your quadrille tonight.

  2. Ah, the feel of full circle in this poem is wonderful - love it!

  3. Successfully coming full circle. Sometimes you CAN go home again.

  4. Yes... it's all a circle I think... the escape and the return..

  5. I like the idea of returning to the place you wanted to burn down. Perhaps one can get a better look at the rainbows from that perspective.

  6. Unattainable, maybe. But still worth pursuit! We find our own terminal on which to connect (or re, for that matter, Arcadia!) Love this!

  7. Going back home always remind me of what I was before ~ Nothing wrong in aspiring for those rainbows ~

  8. Sometimes we already have what we search for. Maybe realising this, we find our rainbow?
    Anna :o]

  9. Sometimes it helps to have foolish hope.. to attain the unattainable..❤️