Monday, May 22, 2017

when I hear your voice

the sound of your voice
always takes me back
to when I was madly
in love with you
each time the timber
of your voice hits my ears
I forget all about the 
things that went wrong 
and only reminisce 
about the good times


  1. Your poem expresses a hint of happiness, even in the end of a relationship. Most people would not be able to see that aspect. That's a great thing to remember, the good times...

  2. I think Google gobbled up my post. It disappeared when I tried to post it. This poem is so wistful. We do carry a bit of love for someone who has been an important part of our life, even after that relationship has ended. (Posting using my old google blog)

  3. I think that distance tends to make past times even more romantic. Lovely poem.

  4. I think a sound of someone's voice will get coded into ourself. Maybe it is all it takes.

  5. ah can be that way, right. The sound of one's voice brings back memories indeed. Excellent take on the prompt.

  6. It's nice how sound can bring back the good memories.

  7. It's reminders such as a voice that help us make sense of a dream that didn't last forever.