Thursday, May 18, 2017

will you?

will you remember me
when I walk out the door?
will you think of me
on warm summer days?
will you want to hear my
voice under midnight stars?

or will you forget me
as easily as we forget snowflakes?
will visions of my face diminish
from your memory in time?
will you pass me by on the street
like a stranger in the night?

Forget-me-not flowers.  
Photo by Yana Ray
Courtesy of


  1. Photo of forget-me-nots fits perfectly with your blue-sy poetic thoughts of love lost.

  2. I always remember the sense of a snowflake, but I forget how it looks as soon as it melts,

  3. What a wonderful question, penned by the flowers and us too sometimes. Good word play

  4. The questions are the things that are important to the asker. Maybe if they are also as important to the asked, the answer will be: yes. Lovely poem.

  5. It amazes me what I remember of people I've known from long ago. Some little expressions that seemed meaningless at the time keep coming to mind.

  6. I'm sure he will remember and regret the loss.

  7. memories are surprising in how and when they choose to surface.

  8. It is always a choice isnt it ~ Move forward and forget, or linger on to the past ~