Thursday, June 15, 2017

land of broken hearts

on a deserted island
I sit watching the sun
rise and set every day
as wounds in my heart
begin to heal

in solitude I try to
rebuild my soul within
torn down and shredded
by the daggers of
a heartbreaker

some nights I dream
about leaving this place
on a ship passing by
carrying me back home –
back to you

but I’ve been here too long
I’m getting use to solitude
the safety of this island
sparing me the risks
of falling in love again

I no longer look out
for that ship in the sea
memories of home fade
day and night I linger here
where pain can't reach me


  1. How sad this is. But I can truly relate to it having been on that deserted island myself.

  2. One can get used to solitude, where all is safe and where pain can't reach one ~ Perhaps it is good not to look out for ship but build a life for oneself ~

  3. Sometimes I think we never really leave the island, where it's safe. A very evocative poem!

  4. A lonely place. But safety doesn't let you grow. Get strong and then move on.

  5. I suggest going out dancing :)
    Well written.

  6. If you've been burned you are likely to freeze.

  7. This is so touching! We must stay strong and move on.

  8. A very touching poem and one I can relate to particularly now. The lull and comfort of that island...

  9. From where I'm sitting I strongly recommend staying on the island! One grows in solitude, beautifully so! It takes strength to withdraw and stay on the outside of social life.

  10. I love the stanza that begins "Some nights, I dream..." I got a literal chill up my spine. Your emotion comes through with immediacy.

  11. Maybe that is the answer. Make the best of what you have, use the solitude to become what you ought to be. Then you'll be able to decide if you want to face the outside world again.

  12. Nice description of solitude as a way to avoid pain or replace one kind of pain with another.

  13. Ah I wouldn't ascribe this to you as we, as writers, write a lot of things built on a life time of living and observing. That said, you capture, the soul in a cocoon - wanting to break out & fly free but comfortable inside and secure..that's the moment the shell starts to break in almost every case. Well said!